Complete NTM 77/21

Latitude  55° 47.709’ North   Longitude  004° 52.290’ West
WGS 84 Datum WGS 84 Datum


Mariners are advised that on 20 October 2021, a dive inspection will be undertaken of the toe of the ferry slipway and rock revetment to the south of this within Largs Harbour, Largs Bay, Firth of Clyde.

The dive will be carried out from the slipway and is scheduled to be completed within 1-day.

An A-Flag will be displayed when divers are in the water during which time the inner harbour will be closed to all vessel movements. However, in liaison with the ferry master and the local port manager the dives will be scheduled to ensure there will be no disruption to timetabled ferry services. The dive supervisor will maintain VHF communication on channel 16.

Mariners are requested to maintain a lookout for the A-flag and when displayed, do not enter or manoeuvre within Largs Harbour.

Further details can be obtained using the contact details below.


Issued on behalf of the Harbour Master

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited


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