Complete NTM 70/21

Latitude   55º 57.782’N                                                       Longitude 004º 48.923’W
WGS 84 Datum     WGS 84 Datum


Mariners are advised that Partrac Ltd will be undertaking recovery, servicing and redeployment of a seabed mooring frame containing an acoustic measuring device and its mooring arrangement that have been emporarily established at Gourock Ferry Terminal, Gourock Bay, Firth of Clyde, NTM 73/20 refers.

Weather permitting works will be conducted on 16 or 17 September 2021 supported by the workboat ‘Oscar’ and are scheduled to be completed within 1-day.

During the period of the works the master of the workboat will maintain a radio watch on channels 12 and 16 and mariners navigating in the vicinity of Gourock Ferry Terminal are requested to do so with caution, regulate their speed to minimise the effects of wash and stay well clear of the workboat.

Further details can be obtained using the contact details below.


Issued on behalf of the Harbour Master

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited


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