Complete 59/14

In continuation of NTM 57/14, mariners are reminded that vessels navigating in the vicinity of Lochaline Ferry Terminal should be considered to be in Narrow Channels within the meaning of Rule 9 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS).

Mariners are also reminded of the importance in proceeding at a safe speed at all times as defined in Rule 6 of the COLREGS.

‘Every vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions’.

Mariners are advised to exercise vigilance and pass at minimum safe manoeuvring speed and sufficient distance from vessels lying alongside piers, harbour walls or moorings where there may be a risk of damage or injury being caused by the passing vessel’s wash or displacement.

Owners and operators of high speed vessels should be particularly vigilant regarding their speed and the wash that can be created. Such craft should be operated in a courteous manner with consideration being given to other mariners

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David McHardie
Harbour Master
Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited

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