As part of the reconstruction of the slipways at Colintraive & Rhubodach we are required to carry out diving works to the front of the proposed new slipways. These works will be ongoing at various times from Friday 6th April 2018 to 29th June 2018. During all diving operations, warning flags will be displayed.

These works will be carried out around the following co-ordinates;


Colintraive Slipway Reconstruction

55° 55.401’N 005° 09.223’W
55° 55.403’N 005° 09.207’W
55° 55.392’N 005° 09.206’W
55° 55.391’N 005° 09.220’W


Rhubodach Slipway Reconstruction

55° 55.287’N 005° 09.520’W
55° 55.291’N 005° 09.512’W
55° 55.280’N 005° 09.492’W
55° 55.276’N 005° 09.500’W


Shearwater Marine Services will carry out these works.

Further details can be obtained using the contact details below

David McHardie
Harbour Master

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited
Municipal Buildings, Fore St.,
Port Glasgow
PA1 4 5EQ
Tel: 01475 749 920

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