Complete 35/15

Safe Speed
Masters of any vessels navigating within CMAL harbours are advised to navigate the vessel with care and caution, commensurate with local circumstances and conditions and in such manner as not to cause annoyance to the occupants of any other vessel or cause damage or danger to any other vessel or to any moorings, other property or persons.

A list of the harbours can be found on the CMAL website by clicking here.

Minimum Under Keel Clearance (UKC)
Vessels entering or leaving CMAL harbours should only do so after careful consideration of the dangers to navigation and only after the Master is satisfied that there is sufficient under keel clearance for the vessel at all times.

Within CMAL harbour areas, excluding slipway operations, a minimum UKC of 0.5 metres should be maintained at all times when manoeuvring or mooring.  For commercial ferry operations a minimum UKC of 10% of maximum draught is permitted.

When calculating compliance with this requirement, the Master should take in to account the effects of squat, trim and heeling on vessel draught and the effects of atmospheric pressure, prevailing wind direction, waves and/or swell on actual sea levels.  In addition, the inherent limitations of predicted tidal calculations (either from Admiralty Tide tables or computerised tidal programmes or applications) should be factored in to any calculation in order to ensure the above clearance.  This should be incorporated into the vessel’s passage and pilotage plans.

Local tidal information and copies of the latest harbour bathymetric surveys are available by contacting CalMac Harbour Offices’, details of which can be found on the CalMac website by clicking here.

Please click here to download a printable PDF of NTM 35/15 (442kb)

Further information can be obtained using the contact details

David McHardie
Harbour Master
Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited

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