Complete 07/24


Mariners are advised that the sector light at Claonaig Ferry Slipway has been altered to an all year round red light with all the details below

Location description : Kilbrannan Sound. Claonaig Ferry Slipway (A4292)
Latitude : 55o 45.043’ North (WGS-84 datum)
Longitude : 005o 23.277’ West (WGS-84 datum)
Character of Light : Fl R 6s [Previously Iso WRG 3s]
Range : 2 nautical miles
Elevation : 5 Metres
Structure : Metal Lighting Column


Unless otherwise promulgated, information regarding the current status of CMAL NTMs can
be found at where, if this NTM is
still marked as ‘Active’ it remains in force.

Further details can be obtained using the contact details below.


Issued on behalf of the Harbour Master

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited


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