The need to evaluate traffic speed at our Tiree Port location has been identified to facilitate the most appropriate design solution to address existing known safety issues. The following information provides a brief overview of these upcoming works: 

  • Date of survey: 07/01/2024 to 15/01/2024 (weather permitting) 
  • Length of Survey: 24/7 period (24 hours, seven days) 

Reason for survey

The majority of Pier Road is owned by Argyll and Bute Council as the highway authority; however, it bisects the port car park from the marshalling area and terminal building. It is important to obtain the speed survey data in the first instance to help in the process of determining the most appropriate design solutions to deal with the risks associated with vehicle and pedestrian movements accessing the port, businesses, and properties via Pier Road. The data is important to support any discussions and proposals with the local authority or Police Scotland if necessary.   


The survey will be in the form of three Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs), identified as two rubber tubes laid across the carriageway linked to a roadside recorder box. The tubes will measure both speed and number of vehicle movements and, in some cases, the weight of vehicles passing over, e.g., cars or HGVs.  The aim is for the equipment to be installed by the survey company on 7 January 2024 and be in place to record data over a 24/7 period (24 hours, seven days) before being removed on 15 January 2024, weather permitting. 

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