CMAL has installed the new linkspan at Oban harbour one week ahead of schedule.

The work, which was due to be finished on 28 February, was completed on 20 February and has now been handed back to harbour operators CalMac.

The simultaneous work to expand the marshalling facilities at the harbour is expected to finish by 28 February, marking the end of the two projects at Oban Harbour, which have a combined value of £1.8m.

CMAL senior civil engineer, Ruairidh Campbell, said: “We have been onsite at Oban working across the two projects; the linkspan and the marshalling area, and we are pleased that both have been completed within the timescales and to budget.

“The extended marshalling area will help alleviate queuing on the public highway during busy summer periods and will benefit future projects at Oban Ferry Terminal. The new linkspan will ensure a safe and efficient service for ferries, predominantly travelling to Mull.

“We worked closely with our contractors and CalMac to ensure this project ran smoothly and caused as little disruption to services as possible. The work has been completed ahead of schedule, which allows service to resume using linkspan number one.We’d like to thank the community for their patience throughout the project.”

Work at Oban ferry terminal is part of CMAL’s ongoing programme of harbour upgrades and modifications across the network to provide safe and efficient lifeline ferry services to communities around Scotland.


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