Complete NTM 94/21

Latitude   55º 57.551’N Longitude 004º 48.831’W
WGS 84 Datum WGS 84 Datum


Mariners are advised that a large quayside fender has become detached and is lying on the seabed at the southern end of the Top Wires Berth, Gourock Ferry Terminal, Gourock Bay. It is not a navigational hazard, but the fender is required for overnight ferry berthing.

During daylight hours on 29 December 2021, it is intended to conduct a dive project to recover the fender and assisted by other contractors, to reinstall it on the face of the quayside. The dive and other works will be carried out from a supporting workboat and from the quayside.

An A-Flag will be displayed when divers are in the water and the dive supervisor will maintain VHF communication on channels 12 and 16.

The works are not expected to cause any disruption to the timetabled ferry services that take place elsewhere in the port however, during the period of works the southern end of the Top Wires Berth will be closed to all vessels.

All works are expected to be completed within 1-day and during this time mariners are requested to maintain a lookout for the workboat and A-flag, remain well clear of the Top Wires Berth quayside and proceed at safe speed to avoid causing any unnecessary wash.


Issued on behalf of the Harbour Master

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited


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