How long will the works take and are you confident that you will meet this revised timetable? What contingency have you built in?
The works are programmed to last a total of 24 weeks which will include approximately two weeks shut down over the Christmas and New Year period. We have built in an allowance in the programme for probable weather related delays over the winter period based on historic weather information.

We have also lessened our reliance on marine plant, i.e. construction equipment used from the sea, e.g. floating platforms, by taking the decision to reconstruct the 1970s concrete pier roundhead, which will enable more construction equipment to be used on the pier. This will reduce the potential impact of poor sea conditions.

Is the existing pier and infrastructure safe – was there any further deterioration caused by the delay that has changed the nature of the work or increased the cost of the work now scheduled?
The existing infrastructure is safe, although ongoing inspections since March 2015 have indicated that the fendering has continued to deteriorate. Some short term works have been carried out to maintain safety and serviceability of the berth. The deterioration will not result in additional project cost.

Will the other work being done at Wemyss Bay be finished by October 2015?
The terminal building refurbishment started on site in January 2015 and will be finished before the new shutdown period, starting on 1st October. These works have been undertaken without any effect on the ferry services to/from Wemyss Bay.

Are all the works at Gourock complete and able to accommodate the Rothesay service?
Yes, works at Gourock to accommodate the Rothesay service have been completed.

Has the delayed start at Wemyss Bay had an impact on other planned works, e.g. to the listed building and to the work at Collintraive and Rhubodach?
The delay to the start of Wemyss Bay has resulted in a delay to the planned works at Colintraive and Rhubodach. This work will be progressed after completion of Wemyss Bay.

Will there be any excessive noise caused by the construction?
Some work will inevitably create noise, particularly the piling and demolition works. To ensure that we keep to the planned timetable and minimise as much as possible the time the ferry terminal is closed, we have agreed with the local authority that work will take place from 7.30 am to 7pm on Mondays to Friday and 7.30am to 5pm on Saturdays. No works are currently planned on Sundays or over the Christmas and New Year period.

Will the ferry service from Rothesay still need to run to Gourock during the works?
CalMac Ferries Ltd will run the Rothesay service to Gourock during the revised shutdown period later in the year. CalMac will provide details in due course when the revised programme of works is agreed.

When will we know what the revised timetable is for the ferry service from Gourock during the shutdown period?
This has been developed and communicated by Calmac Ferries Limited and information can be found on their website

Update on project progress
We will keep people updated on the progress of the works via our website each month. We also aim to be available regularly on the site and also at Rothesay to enable people to “drop in” and ask questions of the project team regarding the works.

Who can I contact for more information?
For any other queries not covered above, you can contact CMAL on: / 0147 5749 920

For any media enquiries, please contact Christina, Kelly, Golley slater: / 0141 548 8222

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