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The Mallaig-Lochboisdale new vessel project will look to replace the existing vessel MV Lord of the Isles, aiming to increase the resilience and reliability of the service whilst reducing emissions.

Webinar to share details of project

8 March 2022

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) is hosting an online webinar to share details of both the new Mallaig-Lochboisdale vessel project and Gasay infrastructure project

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 16th March between 19:00 and 20:00, and anyone with an interest in the projects is welcome to join.

You can join via this link – please note you will be held in a waiting room until the presentation starts.

This will be the first public meeting for these projects. Details of the work carried out so far will be shared, and how the projects will develop in the coming months as they move towards further public consultation and detailed design.

Representatives of CMAL, ferry operator CalMac Ferries Limited (CFL), Transport Scotland (TS), and Mallaig Harbour Authority (MHA) will be in attendance to discuss details of the projects. A copy of the presentation, the recording and the Q&A document will be available here after the event.

Stakeholder and community engagement

A communications and engagement plan for the project is being produced to ensure the needs of users and communities are identified and responded to and as far as is practical and affordable, met both during the design and construction phases and during operation of the vessel once delivered.

Low emission vessel

In line with Scottish Government climate change commitments, the project will aim to deliver a lower emissions vessel utilising the latest proven technologies.

Feasibility studies will be undertaken to understand the ability to install the necessary power and equipment to accommodate energy storage systems and shore power and the cost of these upgrades.’

Best practice and continuous improvement

The project will take note of lessons learned from other vessel delivery projects, including in particular the New Islay ferries project, of the 2017 Audit Scotland report into Scottish ferry services, and of the recently published report of the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee inquiry into the procurement and construction of ferries in Scotland.

A first independent assurance review of the project has been undertaken. Formal Gateway Reviews will be undertaken at key milestones during the course of the project.

Contact the project team

Questions and comments regarding the project can be emailed to