A shining example of renewable energy at work, solar-powered marine lanterns or ‘aids to navigation’ routinely guide thousands of vessels safely through channels, ports and harbours around the world. As this technology continues to evolve, a range of on-going refinements in the design, operation and capabilities of solar marine lanterns is translating into increased reliability and reduced operating costs that benefit those who use and maintain aids to navigation.

Advances in optics, batteries, solar modules and energy management technology have all contributed to the reliability and effectiveness of today’s solar-powered lanterns, but among the most significant innovations has been the introduction of the light emitting diode (LED). In terms of mass an LED can be tiny, but as a versatile light source its impact is considerable – the LED is steadily replacing the incandescent bulb in many applications.

The LED’s efficient design means less power is wasted or lost as heat, and more energy is converted directly to light. With a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours (or 27 years operating at 10 hours a day), today’s LED offers a considerably longer lifespan than its incandescent counterpart. LEDs can also produce any of the four specific international colour chromaticity’s – green, red, amber or white – without filtering the output (and diminishing its brightness) through coloured lenses.

CMAL is currently in the process of replacing all of its older, trouble-prone incandescent lanterns with the compact labour-saving self-contained solar powered LED lantern. Though both alternatives cost approximately the same initially, SCLED lanterns offer considerable advantages through greater reliability, longer operating life, and greatly reduced future maintenance costs.

Harbours Update


Consulting engineers Atkins Limited have been appointed to progress detailed designs for a new concrete seawall to be constructed in place of the existing dilapidated gabion basket retaining structure at Lochranza ferry terminal.  Upon approval of a final design, a tendering exercise will be performed to appoint a Contractor to demolish the existing structure and construct the new seawall, ensuring minimal disruption to the local community and having no effect upon the timetabled ferry service.

Colintraive and Rhubodach

Work has commenced on a project to replace the existing concrete slipways at both ferry terminals.  Each slipway currently requires regular maintenance works and are considered to be at the end of their service life.  Key stakeholders will be engaged at an early stage, and a high level scheme will be developed for each site prior to appointment of an engineering consultant, who will prepare preliminary designs.  After development of the project to an approved final detailed design, a tendering exercise will be performed to appoint a Contractor to conduct the demolition and construction phase of the project.

Brodick Ferry Terminal Redevelopment

CMAL have now started the detailed design of the Brodick redevelopment and plan to start the tender process for the construction work in the spring of 2014 (subject to funding).  The design works will progress the outline plans that were developed in 2012/2013 and culminated in the production of a development masterplan.  The development will include a new pier, new terminal building, increased marshalling area, increased parking areas, relocated and enlarged bus stances, formal drop off area, a modern passenger access system to the vessels, as well as numerous other measures to improve the facilities at the port.

The first task of this phase will be to organise ground investigation works on site, which will involve digging trial pits on land and drilling boreholes from barges offshore.  CMAL are planning to hold further public meetings prior to the investigation works, to inform stakeholders of what to expect and to provide an update on the design works.  Details of any proposed meetings will be publicised in due course.

Civils Planned Maintenance Projects

PM ARM 002 – Marshalling Area Perimeter Barrier Replacement Works
CMAL have recently completed a project awarded to MacPherson Builders to replace defective barriers around the marshalling area at Armadale Ferry Terminal.

PM BRO 002 – Causeway Barrier Replacement Works
CMAL have recently completed a project awarded to Armitage Groundworks Ltd to replace defective barriers on the causeway at Brodick Ferry Terminal.

PM CAS 002 – External Lighting Replacement Works
CMAL are currently out to tender on Public Contract Scotland, for the replacement & upgrading of all external lighting at Castlebay Ferry Terminal to LED.

PM CLA 002A & B – Slipway Surfacing Repairs & Slipway Foundation Repairs
CMAL recently awarded the contracts to repair the surface & the foundation of the slipway at Cloanaig to NG Builders & North West Marine Ltd respectively. Surface Repairs are complete, foundations repairs are currently on site.

PM COL 001 – Pier Deck Plating, Copes & Barrier Works
CMAL will be tendering in the near future for repairs to defective plating, copes & barriers on the pier at Coll Ferry Terminal.

PM CSA 001A & B – Pier Approach Resurfacing Works & Pedestrian/Vehicular Barrier Installation Works.
CMAL recently awarded both these contracts to Alchemy Plant & Contracting Ltd to resurface the pier approach road & install a new pedestrian/vehicle segregation barrier at Colonsay Ferry Terminal. Start date on site of 16/09/13, duration of 4 weeks to completion.

PM CSA 003 – Roundhead Fender Repair Works
CMAL have recently completed a project awarded to NG Builders to carry out emergency repairs/replacement to defective fendering on the roundhead at Colonsay Ferry Terminal.

PM CUM 002 – External Lighting Replacement Works
CMAL recently awarded the contract to Edmiston Brown & Co Ltd to replace the defective lighting at Cumbrae Slipway, including upgrading to LED. Currently awaiting confirmed start date on site.

PM LRA 001 – Upgrading works to Fendering & Water Supply
CMAL have recently completed a project awarded to NG Builders to upgrade the fendering on the North Berth & also to upgrade the Pier Water Supply at Lochranza Ferry Terminal.

PM OBA 003 – Marshalling Area Drainage Improvement Works
CMAL have recently completed a project awarded to Alchemy Plant & Contracting Ltd to improve drainage to the Marshalling Area & Access Rd at Oban Ferry Terminal.

PM OBA 004 – Store Area Improvements Works
CMAL have recently completed a project awarded to Alchemy Plant & Contracting Ltd to improve the operational storage area at Oban Ferry Terminal.

PM TIR 001 & 002 – Fencing / Barrier Repair / Replacement Works
CMAL have recently completed both phases of a project awarded to NRS (Noel Regan & Sons Building & Civil Engineering) to repair/replace defective barriers & install a new pedestrian/vehicle segregation barrier at Tiree Ferry Terminal.

Kennacraig Phase 2

Kennacraig Phase 2 is currently in its construction stage. The Contractor is McLaughlin Harvey, the project Managers are CH2M Hill (formerly Halcrow Group Ltd) with Atkins Ltd as the Site Supervisors. The project was awarded in April 2013 and works commenced onsite in June 2013. The phase 2 works include :

  • Provision of new underground electricity supply in ducts and removal of existing overhead electricity supply
  • Raising and widening of the existing access causeway whilst maintaining access to the terminal
  • Reclamation and construction of an area for  parking including rock armoured revetments
  • Reclamation and construction of marshalling area including rock armoured revetments
  • Lighting installation including integration with existing lighting
  • Installation of new fendering to the existing berth

The project is currently on programme and is progressing well with completion intended for early 2014. The contractor to date has: completed the installation of the new Electrical supply cable, BT cable and water pipe; the Causeway has been widened with the rock revetment placed and is awaiting to be surfaced; and the reclamation of the commercial Parking Area and Marshalling Area is well underway with most of the rock revetment in place.

As a consequence of the works, the local quarry at Clachan has been supplying the works, which will require in excess of 70,000 tons of rock. At present, approximately 900-1200 tons per day of material is being delivered to the site, that is approximately 60 truckloads a day, this has helped to provide employment to the local economy for the duration of the works. We hope this project will provide a benefit to the local and wider community we serve. We would like to extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused for the duration of these works and hope once this is complete users will find the terminal provides a safer and more efficient passage for our customers.

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