The linkspan at Gourock Ferry Terminal has returned to operation after one of the hydraulic cylinders was replaced.

The linkspan was brought back into service on Friday (25th October).  It was closed on 17th September as a result of ongoing technical issues with one of the hydraulic lifting cylinders, which prevented the cylinder from safely lifting the linkspan.  Several attempts were made to repair the existing cylinder by changing the seals.  However, recurring issues led to a decision to replace the hydraulic cylinder.

Linkspan operation is currently limited to foot passenger loading only.

CMAL is working closely with external engineers and contractors to review the hydraulic capacity of the linkspan, which is 48 years old, and identify the feasibility of accepting vehicle loading.  The results of a recently conducted structural inspection also need to be reviewed and analysed to determine possible courses of action for additional repairs and the associated costs.  It is expected the review and any subsequent decisions will take around two to three months.

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