Complete NTM 12/23

Latitude   55º 34.639’N                                                        Longitude 005º 8.296’W

WGS 84 Datum                                                                      WGS 84 Datum




Mariners are advised that dive contractor Shearwater Marine Services Ltd is undertaking a dive survey project within the old pier area at Brodick Ferry Terminal, Isle of Arran commencing on 11 February 2023.

The dive project will be undertaken from the vessel Coastbuster, see picture below, and Flag A “Diving Operations” will be displayed at all times while divers are in the water. The dive team supervisor will liaise with the Harbour Manager and ferry Masters and will monitor VHF channel 12 & 16.




The works are expected to be completed within two days and during this time all vessels navigating in the vicinity of Brodick Ferry Terminal and the Old Pier are requested to maintain a look-out for the divers, proceed with caution and regulate their speed to minimise the effects of wash accordingly.

Unless otherwise promulgated, information regarding the current status of NTMs can be found at where, if the NTM is still marked as ‘Active’ it is still in force.

Further details can be obtained using the contact details below.


Issued on behalf of the Harbour Master

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited


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