A statement from Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) on the publication of the ‘New vessels for the Clyde and Hebrides’ report by Audit Scotland:

“The report offers a fair and balanced representation of our role in the procurement process, contract management and project management for the dual fuel ferry project.  It makes clear our initial concerns over the award of the contract and early reporting of progress and performance issues.  We have acted professionally and appropriately in line with our legal obligations under the contract, which the report acknowledges, and it describes the lengths we went to in the interest of completing the vessels, and to protect jobs and support the shipyard.

“The dual fuel ferry project has presented significant challenges for our team.  Island communities are still desperately waiting for the delivery of these ferries, and the time and cost overruns are extremely disappointing. This contract is not representative of past and current vessels and harbours projects and the breadth and quality of our work to support Scotland’s ferry infrastructure.

“We have already applied changes to our procurement and contract management processes because of our experience with this contract, and we will consider further improvements based on Audit Scotland’s report.

“The appointment of a permanent CEO at the shipyard is a welcome development.  We have established stronger collaboration between our senior teams, including the secondment of our senior vessels project director to the shipyard, which will provide added experience and expertise and improve decision making.  We will continue to work in partnership and remain committed to the completion of the two ferries.”





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