Complete NTM 04/16

Mariners are advised that a recent inspection has discovered inaccuracies in all light sectors of Sgeir Ghlas sector navigation light.

Following an inspection by NLV Pharos it has been reported the southern (seaward) sectors were all found at 1 degree higher than charted while the northern (landward) sectors were 3 degrees higher. This sector light should therefore be considered by mariners to be unreliable.

The small lighthouse on Sgeir Ghlas, near Scalpay, East Loch Tarbert, consists of a stand-alone octagonal shaped concrete tower, which is painted white with a red roof.

Sgeir Ghlas sector navigation light
The published AtoN details are as follows:

Location description : East Loch Tarbert. Sgeir Ghlas (A3993)
Latitude : 57° 52.362’   North (WGS-84 datum)
Longitude : 006° 45.238’ West   (WGS-84 datum
Characteristic : Iso WRG 4s
Sectors : G282-319(37°),W319-329(10°),R329-153(184°),W153-164(11°),G164-171(7°)
Elevation : 9m
Structure : Lighthouse
Range : 9Nm

The observed sectors are as follows:

Sgeir Ghlas AtoN Light_Diag

Given the extremely exposed position of the light it is unlikely an attempt will be made to land to investigate further and rectify the inaccuracies until weather much improves.

Further details can be obtained using the contact details below.

David McHardie
Harbour Master
Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited


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