Richard Rothwell

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Project Manager

Richard Rothwell PhDWe’re delighted to welcome Richard Rothwell as our new Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Project Manager at CMAL. With his impressive background and expertise, Richard is set to make a significant impact on our projects, delivering exceptional infrastructure solutions.

Richard joins us from Forestry and Land Scotland, where he excelled as a Workshop Manager, overseeing vehicle and machinery maintenance and managing a dedicated team. With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and experience in the oil and gas industry, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

When asked what first attracted him to working for CMAL, Richard said: “It sounded like a good opportunity to work on projects in the office, but also on-site, and see them through to completion. Often, working in offshore oil and gas, you’ll never actually get to go and see what you’ve worked on. I’m looking forward to that sense of achievement”.

Richard will work on CMAL projects that require installing new or replacing existing mechanical equipment, such as passenger access systems (PAS) and linkspans across the network. He hopes his work will “see benefits to the people working and living in the communities [that CMAL serves]” and is looking forward to getting out around CMAL’s harbours to visit some of Scotland’s most remote, rural and beautiful places and the people who rely on them.

We’re confident that Richard’s expertise and passion will contribute to our ongoing success. Please join us in welcoming him to the CMAL team!

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