A new linkspan has been installed at Gourock Ferry Terminal during a late night operation as part of a £2 million project to extend the life of the linkspan structure.

LARA 1, a large offshore crane barge, was brought in to support the operation, which was completed by engineers late on Monday night.

Commissioning works will now take place and the linkspan is expected to be available for operational use by mid-February (subject to weather conditions).  When complete, Gourock will be available as an alternative mainland port for vehicle services.

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL), which owns Gourock Ferry Terminal and is leading the repair works, has welcomed the project milestone.

Paul Colenso, senior civil engineer at CMAL, said:

“The night-time install operation went smoothly.  It’s best to move large structures like this during non-operational times, but night-time working does bring extra planning considerations.  I’m glad to say everything went according to plan, and I’m sure the local community will join us in welcoming the new linkspan going into place.

“All going well, and if we don’t experience any harsh winter weather or storms, the new linkspan will be up and running and available for Calmac to use in a few weeks.”

CMAL is also progressing a wider project for the redevelopment of Gourock Ferry Terminal to ensure the long-term sustainability and resilience of the port.

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