Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) is hosting a public webinar to update communities on the Small Vessel Replacement Programme (SVRP), which will see the replacement of up to seven small “loch class” vessels.

The meeting will update communities on the ongoing feasibility studies for the new vessels, which have included: emissions and energy efficiency; passenger and vehicle requirements (including forecast demand); operational and user requirements; requirements and arrangements for passengers and crew; accessibility; reliability, manoeuvrability, and seakeeping; port fit, including limitations and improvements, and shore power.

The webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 31st August between 18:30 and 20:00. Anyone with an interest in the project should register their interest at

Representatives from CMAL, Transport Scotland (TS) and ferry operator CalMac will be in attendance. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their views and comments, and a Q&A session will take place at the end of the presentation.

Jim Anderson, Director of Vessels at CMAL, said:

“The project to replace up to seven loch-class vessels is progressing well.  Our aim is to ensure the next generation of small vessels is as environmentally friendly as possible by adopting advances in battery technology and electrifying our fleet.

“Feasibility studies, which have been ongoing throughout 2022, are now nearing completion. We are keen to share results with communities, as well as providing an opportunity for feedback and questions.”

A copy of the presentation, the recording and the Q&A document will be available on CMAL’s dedicated SVRP project page:

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