Project Update

13 May 2021

The new pier at Tarbert (Harris) Ferry Terminal has taken a “huge step forward.”

All the circular steel piles are now in place and the next phase of the upgrade project is ready to begin.

The £14.3 million infrastructure works form part of the redevelopment programme at Tarbert, led by Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL), which owns the ferry terminal.

Construction of the harbour revetment – a sloping embankment which protects the harbour from tidal and wave action – has been completed at the west end of the harbour and the new marshalling area continues to take shape.

The piles have been prepped for the installation of rock anchors, which involves drilling through the piles into rock below the seabed. Installation of concrete matting on the seabed and protective rock revetment at the east end of the harbour will also commence.

Additionally, the large precast concrete deck units, which sit on top of the piles to form the main pier deck, will be delivered to site in readiness for installation.

Project Update

10 February 2021

The new pier is beginning to take shape at Tarbert Ferry Terminal as part of the £14.3million upgrade project at the harbour. Work is continuing at the harbour, and the island community should be reassured that stringent COVID-19 safety measures are being adhered to.

The demolition of the old pier deck is complete, and work to install piles for the new pier is underway.  The reclamation of the seabed is nearing completion, allowing the additional marshalling area to take shape. Installation of essential services, such as electricity and lighting, is also taking place, and following granting of temporary planning permission, work has begun to reinstall the EV charger in the car park opposite the Harris Hotel.

The revised expected completion date for the harbour redevelopment project is autumn 2021, with the new terminal building due for completion in autumn 2022 under a separate project and contract.



Our contractor on site at Tarbert, RJ McLeod, has provided a series of newsletters which provide an update on the current work status, as well as future planned works.


Project Update

15 October 2020

Following the 12-week construction shut down caused by the COVID-19 lockdown implemented in March, the harbour project is making steady progress while maintaining COVID-19 safety measures.

Key project milestones include demolition of the old terminal building; construction of a new temporary terminal building, where CalMac is now operating from; ongoing demolition of the old pier and reconstruction of the new one; installation of temporary fenders to allow vessels to berth throughout the construction period; reinstatement of the pontoon area following completion of the extensive dredging operation: ongoing reclamation of land for additional marshalling area; and ongoing installation of essential services.

Construction restarted at Tarbert in mid-June under the Scottish Government’s guidance for the construction industry.  The appointed contractor, RJ McLeod, returned to site and, and is operating under phase four of the six-phase Scottish Government construction guidance.

A revised delivery date has been established because of the COVID-19 lockdown and the expected completion date for the harbour redevelopment project is autumn 2021.  The new terminal building is due for completion in autumn 2022 under a separate project and contract.


Project update

31 August 2020

Construction works restarted at Tarbert Ferry Terminal on 29 June 2020 following the COVID-19 closure, and are being undertaken in accordance with all industry and Scottish Government guidance, which is reviewed regularly by the project team.

All dredging works have been completed, and the pontoons are currently being reinstated.  The old terminal building has been demolished, and rock infilling and construction works for the new marshalling area along the shorefront is ongoing.  The temporary terminal building is now up and running, and all Calmac operations will run from this building until works are completed.  All ferry services will operate as normal during the construction works.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus shutdown we anticipate the pier and marshalling area will be completed by autumn 2021, followed by construction of the new terminal building by Autumn 2022.


Project update

26 March 2020

On 26 March 2020, and in line with Scottish Government guidelines, construction works ceased onsite at Tarbert (Harris).

The contractors, RJ McLeod, secured all site offices and plant equipment and left site on 25 March, while the  dredging sub-contractor left site on 26 March. Generator fuelling and emergency response arrangements are in place in case of any issues occurring on site.

RJ McLeod continue to work on project planning in preparation for work recommencing on site when COVID-19 restrictions are eased and/or lifted.


Public meeting

21 October 2019

A public meeting will be held at Tarbert community centre to update island residents on the programme of upgrade work as the contractor, RJ McLeod, begins preparatory work on-site.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 October, 4.00pm to 7.00pm.  Individuals are invited to drop in at any time during the meeting.

Representatives from CMAL and RJ McLeod will attend the meeting to offer information on construction work and answer questions.

Work is expected to be completed in spring 2021.  CalMac will continue to operate ferry services during the works.