Tarbert Ferry Terminal

Updates and information on the construction phase of the harbour upgrade project at Tarbert Ferry Terminal will be posted here.

Project update

On 26 March 2020, and in line with Scottish Government guidelines, construction works ceased onsite at Tarbert (Harris).

The contractors, RJ McLeod, secured all site offices and plant equipment and left site on 25 March, while the dredging sub-contractor left site on 26 March. Generator fuelling and emergency response arrangements are in place in case of any issues occurring on site.

RJ McLeod continue to work on project planning in preparation for work recommencing on site when COVID-19 restrictions are eased and/or lifted.

Public meeting

21st October 2019

A public meeting will be held at Tarbert community centre to update island residents on the programme of upgrade work as the contractor, RJ McLeod, begins preparatory work on-site.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th October, 4.00pm to 7.00pm.  Individuals are invited to drop in at any time during the meeting.

Representatives from CMAL and RJ McLeod will attend the meeting to offer information on construction work and answer questions.

Work is expected to be completed in spring 2021.  CalMac will continue to operate ferry services during the works.

Contract awarded for Tarbert upgrade work

25th September 2019

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) has awarded a £14.3 million contract to civil engineering and building contractor, RJ McLeod Limited to carry out upgrade works at Tarbert Ferry Terminal in Harris.

RJ McLeod will be responsible for completing all civil engineering works for the initial phase of the harbour upgrade project, including pier reconstruction and extension, land reclamation and seabed dredging.  The work will commence in October 2019 and is expected to be completed in spring 2021.  CalMac will continue to operate ferry services during the works.

A new terminal building will be constructed after the completion of the civil engineering works.  This will be procured separately, at a later date.

The infrastructure upgrade work at Tarbert is part of the Skye Triangle Infrastructure Project, which involves significant harbour upgrades at the three ports at Tarbert, Lochmaddy and Uig.  The work is designed to improve and modernise harbour facilities and prepare the way for new vessels.

CMAL is planning to hold a public meeting in Tarbert next month to provide the local community with more details on the programme of works.  Representatives from RJ McLeod will also attend the meeting.  Details will be finalised and published soon.

Marine Construction and Dredge Licences

27th September 2019

CMAL has been granted marine construction and dredge licences for the upgrade works at Tarbert Ferry Terminal.  A copy of the decision notice and the licences are available to read:

CMAL applies for HRO and marine licences


13th February 2019

CMAL has made an application to the Scottish Ministers for a Harbour Revision Order (HRO) to support the proposed development at Tarbert Ferry Terminal, Isle of Harris.

An application for marine construction and dredge licences has also been made to Scottish Ministers for the development.  A copy of the public notices advertising these applications can be read here:

A copy of the documents in support of the HRO are included below:

A copy of the documents in support of the marine construction and dredge licences application are included below:

Tarbert (Harris) Harbour Revision Order

A copy of the Harbour Revision Order (HRO) required at Tarbert (Harris) as part of the planning process for the harbour improvement works being planned to prepare for the new ferry is now available to review online:

HROs are required to allow harbour authorities to undertake works projects.  A copy of the HRO is also available in hard copy at the ferry terminal office at Tarbert.  Please ask local staff for assistance.

CMAL, along with representatives from Calmac Ferries Ltd, held two meetings in Tarbert on 27th June to meet local interested parties to discuss the HRO.

Interested parties should send their comments to operations@cmassets.co.uk by 31st July 2018.

A harbour orders guide is available on the Transport Scotland website to provide advice on the process for obtaining a harbour order in Scotland.

Ground investigation work at Tarbert harbour

CMAL has commissioned ground investigation work at Tarbert (Harris) as part of the infrastructure upgrade project to prepare for the new dual fuel ferry.  The work is required to obtain a more detailed understanding of ground and seabed conditions.

A ground investigation contractor, appointed following a competitive tender process, will be on-site at the harbour from Thursday 22nd March.  They will initially build a jack-up barge, which will be used to carry out drilling over water.  There will also be a limited amount of investigation drilling in the marshalling area and adjacent to the terminal building.

The drilling is due to commence on Monday 26th March and last for around four weeks, with work taking place during the day from Monday to Saturday.

Brian Sydney, Senior Civil Engineer at CMAL said:

“The ground investigation work is needed to inform the detailed design of the infrastructure improvements at Tarbert (Harris) for the new dual fuel ferry currently being built to serve the Skye triangle route.  It forms part of our overall infrastructure project to identify upgrade requirements at the harbours at Tarbert (Harris), Lochmaddy and Uig.

“Islanders and visitors will notice the contractor in the area with the jack-up barge, but the work will have no impact on ferry services, which will operate to timetable as normal.”