Uig Harbour

Detailed information on the construction phase of the harbour upgrade project at Uig Harbour will be posted here.

Project update

The tender process for  the main civil engineering works has been completed for Uig Harbour. The tender return is currently being reviewed and, given current COVID-19 circumstances, tender award is unlikely during the lockdown period. The commencement of the construction works is likely to be delayed until late Summer 2020 at the earliest.

All representations in respect of the Harbour Revision Order and the Marine Licenses have been resolved and formal consent is anticipated in the near future, enabling construction works to commence.

The planning permissions have been granted for the new terminal building and temporary site compound area.

The overall project construction works are programmed to be complete by late 2022, subject to tender review, funding from Transport Scotland, consenting timescales and COVID-19 lockdown relaxation/removal.