New linkspan installed

26 January 2021

The new linkspan has been installed at Gourock Ferry Terminal during a late night operation as part of the £2 million project to extend the life of the linkspan structure.

LARA 1, a large offshore crane barge, was brought in to support the operation, which was completed by our engineers and contractor George Leslie Ltd late on Monday 25 January.

Commissioning works will now take place and the linkspan is expected to be available for operational use by mid-February (subject to weather conditions).

Read the full news story here.


New completion date for linkspan project

18 December 2020

The linkspan repair project at Gourock Ferry Terminal will be completed by mid-February 2021.

The new linkspan was scheduled to be installed in November and the project was due to be completed by the end of 2020.  However, after the old linkspan was removed, additional surveys revealed issues with the existing berth structure which were not evident until the old linkspan structure was lifted out.

We have commissioned the project contractor, George Leslie Ltd, to carry out the additional essential repairs to the inner dolphin structure.

LARA 1, a large, highly manoeuvrable offshore crane barge, is booked to be on site at Gourock week commencing 18 January 2021 to lift the new linkspan into place.  The installation and commissioning works following this mean the linkspan should be available to hand back to CalMac on 16 February.  Revised dates are subject to weather conditions.


New linkspan at Gourock delayed

26 November 2020

Installation of the new linkspan at Gourock Ferry Terminal has been delayed after additional surveys revealed issues with the existing berth structure.  The completion date for the project is now likely to move into early 2021 as a result.

The LARA 1 crane barge removed the old linkspan at the start of November and subsequent infrastructure and underwater surveys have uncovered unexpected anomalies in the 50-year old berth, making it difficult to put the new linkspan into place.  We have decided to demobilise the install operation and undertake the necessary rectifications to the berth structure before proceeding with the new linkspan lift-in operation.  Read the full news story here.


Gourock linkspan removed

5 November 2020

The Gourock Ferry Terminal linkspan has been removed from the harbour infrastructure in a carefully planned night-time operation.

LARA 1, a large, highly manoeuvrable offshore crane barge with a reach of 40 metres, arrived at Gourock Ferry Terminal last week to prepare for a nightshift operation to lift the linkspan and make way for a new one.  It was removed in the early hours of Wednesday 4 November and is now on its way to Liverpool on the Lara 1 to be disposed.

The new linkspan has already been delivered to Gourock and will be installed in the coming weeks.  Read the full news story here.


Contract awarded for Gourock linkspan repair project

10 September 2020

Civil engineering firm, George Leslie Limited has been awarded a contract to carry out work to extend the life of the linkspan at Gourock Ferry Terminal.  The contractor will carry out repairs to the linkspan support structures and replace the steel deck and associated mechanical and electrical equipment.

Work is scheduled to begin on 5 October and complete on 23 December, subject to weather conditions, and includes a nine-week closure period for the linkspan from 19 October to 18 December.  The linkspan closure will impact ferry services which use Gourock both as a primary berth and as an alternative mainland port.  It is expected that Dunoon and Kilcreggan services will operate to Gourock Boat Steps and this will require small amendments to timetable.


£2.5 million investment will return vehicle service

18 February 2020

A project will progress to extend the life of the linkspan at Gourock Ferry Terminal.  The £2.5 million project will involve repairs to the linkspan support structures and replacement of the steel deck.  Once complete, the linkspan will be able to carry vehicles.  Read more.