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Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd own the ferries, ports and harbours and infrastructure necessary for vital ferry services serving the West coast of Scotland and the Clyde Estuary. We aim to provide efficient, cost-effective and safe ferries, harbours and port infrastructure for operators, communities and users in and around Scotland.

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CMAL owns 33 ferries, one of which is leased (MV LOCH SEAFORTH).  The vessels are leased to the current operator, CalMac Ferries Ltd, on routes to the islands and peninsulas of the west of Scotland.  The smallest ferry, MV CARVORIA, can carry one car, and th …


CMAL owns and leases piers, harbours and properties around Scotland as well as owning the ferries operated by Calmac Ferries in the Firth of Clyde and around the Hebrides …