Work is being undertaken at Port Ellen and Kennacraig harbours which will deliver improved berthing facilities and accommodate the MV Finlaggan.

Work is now near completion with tarmacing almost complete and  ‘white lining’ for the new elements to be undertaken. This will be weather dependant, it is intended that these works be complete by the 31st January 2014, completing the works for Phase 2. However, due to the saving from reduced mobilisation additional work will be added to phase 2 to enhance pedestrian safety and undertake on-going maintenance.

The existing marshalling area will be resurfaced and a ‘through road’ will be added to the terminal with a dedicated drop off area and vehicle access to minimise interaction of disembarking passengers and vehicular traffic. It is intended that these works will commence on 3rd February and last till the End of March. We apologise for any disruption this may cause and will keep you informed as works progress.

Kennacraig Phase 2 is currently in its construction stage. The Contractor is McLaughlin Harvey, the project Managers are CH2M Hill (formerly Halcrow Group Ltd) with Atkins Ltd as the Site Supervisors. The project was awarded in April 2013 and works commenced onsite in June 2013. The phase 2 works include:

  • Provision of new underground electricity supply in ducts and removal of existing overhead electricity supply
  • Raising and widening of the existing access causeway whilst maintaining access to the terminal
  • Reclamation and construction of an area for  parking including rock armoured revetments
  • Reclamation and construction of marshalling area including rock armoured revetments
  • Lighting installation including integration with existing lighting
  • Installation of new fendering to the existing berth

The project is currently on programme and is progressing well with completion intended for early 2014. The contractor to date has: completed the installation of the new Electrical supply cable, BT cable and water pipe; the Causeway has been widened with the rock revetment placed and is awaiting to be surfaced; and the reclamation of the commercial Parking Area and Marshalling Area is well underway with most of the rock revetment in place.

As a consequence of the works, the local quarry at Clachan has been supplying the works, which will require in excess of 70,000 tons of rock. At present, approximately 900-1200 tons per day of material is being delivered to the site, that is approximately 60 truckloads a day, this has helped to provide employment to the local economy for the duration of the works. We hope this project will provide a benefit to the local and wider community we serve. We would like to extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused for the duration of these works and hope once this is complete users will find the terminal provides a safer and more efficient passage for our customers.