Brodick, Isle of Arran, KA27 8AY

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0 kts.Wind Speed 0 kts.Wind Speed (max.) N 0°T

Note: Wind data is not for navigation. The accuracy of this data is not assured. See disclaimer for more information.

Tidal Data

Predicted Tidal Data displayed for Brodick Bay
Observed Predicted
@14:19 GMT
@17:38 GMT
Low Tide 0.61m 05:23
High Tide 3.18m 11:58
Low Tide 0.54m 17:38
High Tide 2.96m 00:36


The wind data displayed on this website are observations obtained from instruments located on harbour piers, quaysides and other structures where the accuracy of the data may be affected by nearby buildings, topography or vessels berthed alongside. It is not intended for use in navigation but to indicate the wind conditions that may be experienced at the pier or quayside berth.

The quality, currency, accuracy or reliability of the wind data is NOT assured and CMAL accept no responsibility or liability for its use of this data by a third party.

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Harbour ownerCMAL
Harbour operatorCalMac Ferries Ltd
Ferry operator(s)CalMac Ferries Ltd
Local Calmac office01770 302 166 /
General Enquiries0800 066 5000

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  • Brodick – Ardrossan

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