Name the new vessels for the Little Minch

CMAL has launched a public vote to help choose the names for two new ferries to serve the Little Minch routes.

There are two groups of names inspired by the landscape and history of Harris and North Uist. Voters can select one name from each group, and the two most popular names will be given to the sister vessels.

The shortlisted names are:

  • Eubhal — The highest hill on North Uist
  • Claymore — The word ‘claymore’ comes from the Gaelic Claidheamh Mòr, meaning ‘great sword’; a historical name previously given to iconic vessels
  • Eilean Dorcha — A Gaelic name given to Benbecula, meaning Dark Island in English
  • Orasay — A tidal island in South Uist and a bay in North Uist
  • Pioneer — A historical name previously given to iconic vessels, including one that served similar routes in the mid-1980s
  • Lochmor — A historical name previously given to a vessel that served ports of the Little Minch
  • Scotasay — A small island just off the East coast of Harris
  • Clisham — The highest mountain in the Outer Hebrides, located on North Harris

The vote has now closed.

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