Be Harbour Safe

Now we are into the winter months, our harbours retain their natural beauty but also bring additional hazards with the onset of often ferocious weather systems, heavy seas and unprepared visitors. Below appear basic guidelines which will hopefully help you prepare and make your visit as comfortable as possible;


  • The most up-to date weather forecast
  • Ferry sailing updates
  • Your vehicle is roadworthy
  • You have the correct clothing available
  • Your mobile phone is fully charged


  • Listen to advice given by harbour staff
  • Remain aware of your surroundings
  • Keep away from operational areas
  • Keep animals on a lead
  • Supervise young children
  • Report dangerous or anti-social behaviour
  • Keep within designated walkways and traffic lanes
  • Keep somebody informed of your movements


  • Unprotected quay edges
  • Deep and cold water
  • Moving vehicles and moving vessels
  • Mooring lines and wires
  • Busy marshalling areas
  • Wet , icy and snowy surfaces


  • Jump or swim around the harbour or pier
  • Fish near or around operational areas
  • Berth in unauthorised places