Project Update – December 5

Following successful completion of the temporary slipway at Colintraive the ferry service has now been moved over to operate from it. This allows our Contractor, Raynesway, to start demolishing the old slipway. The new slipway will be built out of mainly precast concrete to ensure its longevity. Work on the new slipway at Rhubodach is also well advanced.


Project Update – December 1

Contractors have completed work on the temporary slipway at Colintraive.

The ferry service is now operating from the new temporary slipway, which allows our contractors, Raynesway, access to the old one in Rhubodach in order to demolish it.

The new slipway, which will be built in its place, will be built mainly of precast concrete to ensure longevity.


Colintraive and Rubodach Slipways

Work started in April 2017 and is scheduled to be complete by summer 2018.

The contract for the works was awarded to Raynesway Ltd after an OJEU tender process.

CMAL and Raynesway Ltd have implemented a phased construction project plan to allow the ferry service to continue to operate to timetable, minimising the impact on ferry users.

A temporary slipway will be constructed at Colintraive while the new slipway is built to the north at Rhubodach.  The ferry service will then switch to operate between these two slipways to allow replacement of the Colintraive slipway and demolition of the old Rhubodach slipway.  Finally, the temporary slipway will be removed at Colintraive and the vehicle queuing area completed.

Ruairidh Campbell, Senior Civil Engineer at CMAL said:

“We are very conscious of the impact of construction work on local communities and our aim is to keep disruption to a minimum, which is why we have planned a phased project.  The meetings are an opportunity for people to find out about the project delivery plan and to raise any questions they may have about the work.

“The work is part of our ongoing programme of harbour upgrades and modifications.  The existing slipways have reached the end of their life and the replacement of the slipways will provide a more resilient ferry service, with larger slipways offering more flexibility around tide levels.

“We hope to see as many local people and businesses as possible at the meeting.”

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) hosted a public meeting to update communities on the project to reconstruct the slipways at Colintraive and Rhubodach. A PDF of the presentation made at the public meeting can be downloaded by click here (PDF, 5mb)