Active No. SN/02

The chosen course for RoRo ferries approaching or departing CMAL ports is primarily determined by the prevailing weather conditions or local circumstances and navigational constraints. While every attempt is made by Masters to avoid selection of a course which may pass close to recognised anchorage areas there may be occasions when this is unavoidable.

Mariners are advised to be aware of the possibility of such situations occurring, particularly during periods of inclement weather, at the following recognised anchorage locations:

Castlebay, Barra: 56° 57.204N   007° 29.457W
Lochboisdale, South Uist : 57° 08.815N   007° 16.466W
Tarbert (Harris) : 57° 53.523N   006° 46.998W
Scalasaig, Colonsay : 56° 04.113N     006° 10.748W

Mariners are requested to consider their proximity to ferry routes when anchoring or mooring vessels or boats of any description to either permanent or temporary moorings in such a position which may conflict with the passage of any large vessels approaching or leaving any piers, jetties or quays within CMAL areas of jurisdiction.

Should any mariners experience such situations at the above-named locations or elsewhere in the vicinity of CMAL harbour areas, it is requested the circumstances are reported to CalMac Ferries Ltd harbour operations staff who will thereafter forward the information for the attention of the CMAL Harbour Master.

Further information can be obtained using the contact details.

David McHardie
Harbour Master
Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited


Categories: Notice to Mariners, Piers and harbours
Tags: Avoidance of Vessel Conflict