Date of issue: Monday 18th July 2011
Status: Complete

Angling Safety Advice

CMAL is Harbour Authority at 24 locations and owns the associated port infrastructure and properties at each of these locations along Scotland’s West Coast and Clyde.

As Statutory Harbour Authority, CMAL has a number of responsibilities and duties including:

  • A duty of care to all port users
  • An obligation to conserve and promote the safe use of the harbours
  • Responsibility for efficiency, economy and safety of operation, in respect of the services and facilities provided
  • A duty to take necessary action for the maintenance, operation and improvement of the harbours.

CMAL takes these responsibilities very seriously and a recent incident surrounding anglers fishing from shore has focused attention on angling safety in general. It is to be remembered that most of CMAL’s harbours lie within remote areas and that if you get into difficulties nobody may well be around to help you!

The following specific guidance is provided:

  • Fishing is discouraged from all operational or working piers especially those piers operating ferries or conducting cargo transfers.
  • Persons fishing from CMAL operated facilities should always heed the instructions given from Port staff at all times.

The following general guidance should also be followed to ensure yours and others safety:

Safety on Shore

At Night:

  •  Do not fish alone in remote spots.
  •  Take more than one light.

When Rock Fishing:

  •  Wear sensible footwear.
  •  Take a rope.
  •  Tell someone where you will be and your expected return time.
  •  Be aware of rising tides, don’t be cut off.
  •  Take care when casting.
  •  Always carry a First Aid Kit.

Be Safe Afloat: 

Have on board:

  • Lifejackets for everyone.
  • Spare fuel.
  • Two anchors.
  • Ample rope.
  • Oars or spare engine.
  • Compass.
  • First Aid Box. 
  • VHF Radio.
  • Lights.

Before Sailing:

  • Check weather and tides.
  • Wear suitable clothing.
  • Tell someone your expected return time.
  • Do not overcrowd your boat.
  • Do not take chances.


Further details can be obtained using the contact details below.


Tony Ford MCGI

Harbour Master

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited

Review this Notice To Mariners 31st December 2011